Dangerously Close.

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”

~Henry Ford

The space monkeys here at M+H are ticking boxes and getting it all together like champs. We are on schedule for a 7/20 Kickstarter launch! Huzzah! We made it by the anniversary of the moon landing!

We need to thank all the people who have come together to make this magic happen. You are officially our founding wizards and will be treated accordingly for time immemorial. In particular: JPerlman Esq, TT, Joseph, Bex, Gabrobama, James NeJames, our mamas and papas, and as always the beautiful ANNA BANNANA.

Thanks to combined effort and creativity, the public will be able to buy "Soil to Sale" shirts on Sunday. Please buy them.

~P +  D + C


philip MERSHON

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